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Advanced non surgical anti-ageing treatments

About HEBE

Welcome to HEBE

HEBE Approach

HEBE's vision

is about redefine what people expect from medical aesthetics.

HEBE'S mission

is to achieve natural, beautiful results with aesthetic treatments.

HEBE's values

To provide an ethical approach

To maintain a high set of skills

Individualised care

Heartfelt service


The name HEBE came from an idea of what would represent youth or beauty in a more sophisticated way.

The real meaning of the name relates to an ancient Greek religion where Hebe is the goddess of youth.

HEBE is a cupbearer to the gods, Goddess of eternal youth. She was supposed to have the power to give eternal youth, and in art is typically seen with her father in the guise of an eagle, often offering a cup to him. This depiction is seen in classical engraved gems as well as later art and seems to relate to a belief that the eagle (like the Phoenix) had the ability to renew itself to a youthful state.

So 'HEBE' we go!

Irina’s approach

Irina is highly qualified when it comes to advance aesthetics treatments.

Having undergone intensive and hands on clinical training with approved leading training providers in aesthetic industry such SKIN VIVA, ensures that all treatments are safe and to a high standard. Starting from advanced antiwrinkle injections to advanced and more complex procedures such as full facial rejuvenation as well as skin rejuvenation treatments.

And most importantly Irina has invested in the safety of her clients by continuing professional development by attending Cadaveric Masterclass with SKIN VIVA at University of Keele at the medical faculty. Determination to deliver safe treatments and knowledge how to deal with complications to ensure clients are feeling safe when non-surgical cosmetic treatments are performed. Furthermore, Irina is registered and accredited by the government approved register for safe non-surgical treatments SAVE FACE.

Aesthetic non-surgical cosmetic treatments are not just about a perception people may have about terrifying appearances of aging celebrities. Aesthetic procedures can have a life -changing for some individuals especially when it comes to medical conditions such as excessive sweating, teeth grinding and diagnosed chronic migraines.

It is a fact that experiencing improvement in facial appearance is a major factor associated with how people see themselves and how they are perceived by others. It is a major contributor to our confidence and self -esteem.

Irina believes in providing individualised and person -centred approach to meet client expectations and advise clients on suitable options to achieve natural results.

Irina values importance of every client comfort and safety. Her aim is to leave all clients leaving feeling beautiful, confident and best version of themselves.