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Advanced non surgical anti-ageing treatments

Price List

All treatments require face to face consultation

Anti-wrinkle injections

Please note: male patients require extra dosage due to stronger muscles.


Advanced treatment with Botulinum Toxin helps to alleviate symptoms of excessive sweating.


Advanced treatment

Cheek Enhancement

The perfect advanced anti-ageing treatment for slimming and contouring face and restoring your appearance .Results last up to 9 months complimenting the Tear Through treatment and lip enhancement

Jawline and Chin Enhancement

This advanced treatment is great for both contouring and slimming of the face. It is possible to have only chin enhancement subject to face to face consultation (Price depends on individual needs).

Tear Through Reduction

This amazing advanced treatment is very popular and delivers great results for under eye hollows, lost volume.

Fat reduction injections for double chin

Requires course of 2-4 sessions for optimum results at 4-week interval.

Nose to mouth lines

Marionette lines

Advanced Treatment


A unique and innovative approach to anti-ageing. So-called “injectable moisturizer ”. Bio remodelling treatment to restore skin laxity on the face, neck, decollete and hands.


4 sessions advised for best results